About Me

Hey, I’m Nisha J. blogger and entrepreneur who is living out my god-given purpose through this blog by adding a dash of sparkle to each part of the world. By giving inspiration to young women & young men that you can use your whole journey while pursuing your god-given purpose. I challenge you to NEVER STOP DREAMING! I believe that everyone has a story to tell and is a star in there own unique way which is why I’ve decided to build a platform where everyone gets to allow their inner shine to spark and unfold. In this world opinions are going to come and go but i’m here to stay i’ll rock with you through your journey of adversities because i know just how deep that cut can run. Remember everyone has that spark if you just dig deep enough so i hope IAmChic Inspires, inspires you to unleash your Confident, Hardowrking, Intelligent & Courageous side (CHIC).