About Me

Hi, I’m Nisha Jadore – Miami based blogger, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker. I’m living out my God-given purpose through this blog by adding a dash of sparkle to each part of the world. Giving those millennial queens who are CHIC, the inspiration to dig a little deeper and soul search to discover their purpose.

I use to be that same person watching others in their limelight and wondering what my gift was or had been hiding all along. Turns out it hadn’t been hiding after all I just needed to do some extra soul searching. All while seeking I ways to share my most heartfelt passions with you all God led me to produce this blog. Here I share others inspiring stories and some of my most personal moments along the journey of success. All the while hoping to uplift, inspire and encourage you to live full of PURPOSE, HAPPINESS, and free of FEAR. 

 I believe that everyone has a story to tell and is a star in there own unique way which is why I’ve decided to build a platform where everyone gets to allow their inner shine to spark and unfold. In this world, you will face adversity and at that moment you have to determine whether or not you will tackle it or allow it to tackle you.

I’ve been there not knowing what to do, that lost girl who decided one day that her today would no longer be like her yesterday. I looked adversity in the face and persevered and I decided to create and I stand tall today. Remember you too embody that spark if you just dig deep enough so I hope IAmChic Inspires, inspires you to unleash your Confident, Hardworking, Intelligent & Courageous side (CHIC).