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You gotta start somewhere

Up into recently, I haven’t been following my dreams like I should. I knew I could do more, but I felt like I didn’t have the resources. My pages of excuse was wearing thin.  Here is the thing, I wanted to start a YouTube channel, but I became hesistant about it. Why? Because I didn’t have a good enough camera nor did I have the editing skills to make great content. My channel had the… Read More

Your dreams will require the unexpected: My journey as a writer

The Writing Process  I spend my time listening to people. If you listen to people, they  will tell you what makes them mad. They will tell you how the cope and what their fears are, if you give them space to talk. I listen to what they say and how they say it. The breaks in their sentences and the pauses in their breath tell everything.  You can learn a lot from a person if you… Read More

The Road to Success : A Model And Business Woman

 I might be 5’8” but I walk like I am 5’10 Meet Jasmine Brown, fashion model and entrepreneur.  I have been following Jasmine’s modeling career after I noticed her in Greenleaf as an extra.  Jasmine and I went to high school together. It has been almost a decade since I last caught up with her. Last week, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when her photos from New York Fashion week lit my timeline. When I… Read More

From Average to Elite: Black Execellence in the Medical Field

    Meet Dominque Baldwin, Dominique is an inspiring dentist. As a young girl, Baldwin’s mother pushed her towards the medical field,  encouraging her to shadow local physicians at an early age. Dominque soon realized that wasn’t her dream. Baldwin wanted to be in the medical field, but she didn’t know what field to pursue. Her sister, Taylor, suggested that she look into dentistry. Baldwin obliged. Dominque hopes to achieve the impossible. According to research,… Read More

I have learned that entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.

  It seems like everywhere you turn, people are talking about residual income, owning a business, or becoming an entrepreneur.  This year, you must make financial independence your number one goal. On paper, becoming a business owner is black and white, either you fail or you don’t, but in the real world things aren’t so black and white.  The life of a  young entrepreneur is misunderstood. When we hear the word CEO or businessperson, we… Read More

Mother turned Yoga Enthusiast: How a mom found her mojo

      Meet Tia, Tia is a mother of an amazing four-year-old. She is an assistant manager @ European Wax center. Tia practices yoga and meditate; she is a spiritual individual who has a passion for spirituality and life. Her long-term goals are to master flexibility and control over the body and mind. In the future, Tia aspires to be a spiritual coach/spiritual healer and possibly a yoga instructor. We are rooting for you,… Read More

5 things to do to Self Correct

One of my biggest challenges that I still face is self-correcting. Often times, It takes an external force to make me realize I could have handled a situation better. We are human beings so we all experience pain, self-doubt, and worthlessness. We also are emotional creatures; our emotional responses to certain situations can help or hurt us. When we are hurt, we carry that hurt and act out. When we are angry, we carry our… Read More

Follow Your Passion Follow Your Dreams

A few years ago, after I graduated from college, I found myself wedged in a tight spot. I didn’t know whether to continue with higher education or get a job and start a career.  Up until this point, sports had been the center of my life and here it was, the moment where golden dreams were beginning to be replaced by gray cubicles and black desk chairs. I wasn’t ready for it, I’m still not… Read More

What Inspires Me

Hey, my name is DeNaye Alston and I am proud to write for IamChic Inspires. The world could use a little more inspiration and a lot more encouragement. I am here to give you a weekly dose of motivation, inspiring you to achieve the impossible. Before I do that I want to let you know about my inspiration. What inspires me every day? My friends and family, without them, I wouldn’t be me. My best… Read More