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Sacred Wombman

HADIYA KAYY Bless, my name is Hadiya Kayy. I am a Clairvoyant, Clair-sentient, Intuitive that helps assist individuals to find their inner peace, self-confidence and find the balance within Self and other aspects of your life. My services are for enlightened beings that want to know themselves on a deeper level and learn more about how their childhood behaviors/lifestyle affect you in your current lifestyle.   SACRED WOMBMAN’s goal is to help you re-create your life… Read More

6 Tips To Build A Good Credit Score

Ever wondered how to build up to a great credit score? Today I’m going to leave you with 6 insightful tips. Who doesn’t want a good credit score? It eliminates so much stress and havoc. There’s a chance that you may want to buy a house in the future you need a great credit score. So here are a few tips. Keep your balance low compared to the amount of available credit – When you… Read More

How Can I Sell My Artwork Online?

Are you interested in selling your artwork online? Well, you should check out Sofy Decor they have everything an artist should need. Why not start a side hustle, everyone loves extra money right? They have all your needs ranging from if you just would like to support another black male or females artwork, help talented artist grow, and even just accenting your pure essence.  It’s not always easy finding home decor and accessories with culture designed… Read More

How To Clear Hard Inquiries Off Your Credit Score

You can improve your credit in a series of ways, one being that you can remove hard inquiries off of your score. Although these do have special criteria you have to meet before they just magically fall off it’s still most definitely possible. If you’re eligible it’s definitely time to pull out your old writing skills. If you thought bad credit had to only with non-payment factors you have another thought coming hard inquiries do have a… Read More

5 Tools For Success

  Success comes to those who work hard for what they want. I’m a strong believer in this and I use books as tools to help me organize my business and mind. I want to share the tools that I’ve been using this month to scale my personal finances and business. Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Life Organize your life: Do you dream of getting organized, but have no idea where to start? Cluttered Mess… Read More

10 things you can do to improve your credit score

If you currently have an above average or excellent credit score, it’s important to maintain it. If your credit score is already below average as a result of poor decisions and irresponsible financial actions in your past, it’s important to immediately begin rectifying the situation by taking steps to begin rebuilding your credit. This process can take months or even years of diligence and responsible financial planning. Here are ten strategies and tips for improving… Read More

Money Saving Tips

Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult. Automate and prepay your bills, learn basic money-saving tricks, eliminate temptation, and utilize your feet to make financial responsibility easy. These simple hacks will put you years ahead of your peers and help you create a very bright financial life to be proud of. Almost everything can be automated, including credit card bills, utilities, student loans, savings, and even rent. Set up your pay check to be direct… Read More

5 Money Hacks For Financial Freedom

Personal finance is something easy to learn that will pay dividends over the course of your life, freeing up your time and money for the things that really matter. Spend less than you earn. This one simple rule is all you really need to know about personal finance in order to liberate yourself from the traps many fall into. Find happiness in life, not spending. Many times people buy stuff because they think that it will… Read More

3 Hacks to Improve your Credit Score

These 3 hacks will help you improve your credit score and get you on the pathway to good credit. 1) Paying Your Rent Makes For A Happy Landlord and A Happy Credit Score. This is especially helpful for young people who are trying to establish their credit history. By paying your rent on time and in full every month, you can contribute positively to your credit score. 2) Boost Your Credit Score By Using A… Read More

5 best side hustles of 2018

One of the best ways to pay off debt faster, boost your savings or make some overall improvements to your finances is earning more income. And perhaps the easiest way to earn more in a hurry is a side hustle. Whether you are looking to reach a specific financial goal or just want to increase your income, side hustles can be a great way to do so. From baking and companion care to tutoring and… Read More