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Touch Of Reflection

 Hello ladies, my name is Tiasha Harris, founder, and CEO of Touch of Reflection. I started wearing wigs and hair extensions in my late teens, and ever since then, I have fallen in love with the tools to enhance my natural beauty. I want to help other women unleash that side of them and to show off their inner beauty. I look forward to helping each and every one of you to show off the… Read More

Glam’d Beauté

  My name is Alexis Tanille and I’m the owner of Glam’d Beauté. Glam’d Beauté is an up and coming luxury hair collection which initially started over a year and a half ago. I started my own brand of hair because I’ve personally had sooo many unfortunate experiences with different hair companies like Ali Express etc where the prices are cheaper but the hair is trash. I wanted to create a brand for all women… Read More

Shadeitude Eyewear

  Why I started?  I was sick and tired of just working a nine to five. I was tired of seeing everybody else actually becoming bosses. I figured that it was my time to boss up and start a business. I tried selling hair…yeah, that was a flop!! I, then, switched to apparel…that was way out of my budget so, NEXT!! I found fashion eyewear and gave it a try. Now, I’m Shadeitude Eyewear!! Instagram:… Read More

Baby Lanah’s & Co.

Baby Lanah’s & Co., established in May 2018, is a fashion boutique for boys and girls at bargain prices. I have trendy clothing and accessories like headbands and bows. My goal was to establish somewhere not only mothers but anyone who purchases items for children can shop and not worry about breaking the bank. Be cute but not expensive.  IG: lanahs_and_co  

Paparazzi Accessories

I’m an independent consultant with Paparazzi accessories. I am the owner of a home-based business Meka’s Bling Boutique. All items are stylish and affordable, everything is $ 5! I’m just a girl changing the world $5 at a time. I sell accessories that can fit anyone’s budget everything is $5! Oh, and we couldn’t forget about our little divas. Starlet shimmer collection full of bracelets, rings, and earrings are all ONLY $1 each. I do… Read More

3 Tips For Budgeting

Check out some of these budgeting hacks and tools to help you reach your financial goals Determine a Monthly Income – Your first budgeting step is to determine your monthly income. When they think about income, most people think of what they earn from their job. However, it is important to include all sources of income. This includes income from any side hustles or extra curriculum activities.  After you become comfortable managing your money on a… Read More

5 Creative Ideas To Make Money

Everyone wants to be financially free… don’t you? It’s a life we all dream of most, people always consider you cutting back on certain expenses and living life on a tight budget just to experience a peek at life blah blah blah that’s no fun at all! What if I told you that living life on the edge & cringing everytime you check your bank account after purchasing something doesn’t have to your reality! Instead,… Read More

Money Making Monday’s COMING SOON

Money Making Money’s COMING SOON will soon entail the background stories of entrepreneurs who have a special story behind their business, tips for improving your finances, and allowing upcoming businesses to advertise their products.