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Italian Fix

If you’re looking for a great Italian fix with a family Vibe Olive Garden is the way to go. I often get the chicken and gnocchi soup to start things off. It’s a creamy soup with traditional Italian dumpling chicken breast, spinach, and carrots. Olive Garden makes their gnocchi by grating potatoes in a rice grater until mashed. Gnocchi can also be made from flour or semolina. Now I love starting with this soup because… Read More

Jamacian Beef Patties

             Jamaican beef patties                  I’m a big foodie, but I can’t always get to my favorite restaurants to get my favorite things to eat. So a lot of the times I like to make them at home. Now my grandfather on my mother’s side is Jamaican and ever since I can remember I’ve loved Jamaican food. My favorite Jamaican dish or treat… Read More


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