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Transparency Tuesday/ PCOS Edition ( Tiffany story)

  Welcome,   As we are nearing the end of September, I appreciate all the women who have shared their inspiring stories. I personally take to heart this disorder. PCOS affects 1 in 5 women worldwide. For more information go to Here is KetoCys story! Tell us about yourself Hi, I’m Tiffany (@KetoCys) and I’m almost 36 years old. I’m married to a wonderful man and currently have no children. I live in the… Read More

The recovery we had within us.

This is a story of recover, a journey so hard yet important for us all. It’s been 10 years since my brother left us. 10 years is such a long time. There are just some people in this world that you can connect to, feel a sense of attachment that is built in time with love. He was my inspiration; a reflection of the person I am today. It’s not a family that tied us… Read More

Transparency Tuesday ( Kate Smith)

Hey Everyone!     Welcome back to another Transparency Tuesday PCOS edition. I have the pleasure of sharing PCOS stories from strong women all over the world. Over 10 million women worldwide have PCOS. If you are unaware of what PCOS is, please go to  for more information. Hey is Kate sharing her awesome story with PCOS: Hey, I am Kate and I live in Durham, in the North East of England. I am… Read More

Why OBEDIENCE In God Is Necessary!

Your Sense of Humor Is a Gift from God “Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice, ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.” Psalms 32:11 A merry heart has the ability to capture and enjoy those wonderful times of life and let them turn to laughter. Quick story God is just so merciful I’m just so happy and grateful today’s service was beyond amazing. Today in reference to the… Read More

Transparency Tuesday ( Aanisha Allen PCOS story)

    Hey Guys! Welcome back to another Transparency Tuesday! This month we are shedding light on PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) I am personally affected by this disorder. Over 10 million women worldwide is affected by PCOS. I will link to PCOS Awareness Association for more details. First up for our PCOS Awareness month is Aanisha Allen!   A Little About Me:  My name is Aanisha Allen. I am 23 years old; also I… Read More

Transparency Tuesday ( Tamika Williams)

    Hello Everyone, Welcome to our last Transparency Tuesday for Gastropraesis awareness month. As we get ready for PCOS Awareness month. I still take pride in the wonderful women I have met this month. Continue to share your stories ladies! If you’re unaware of what is Gastroparesis, there is a link below or you can check out last week story! ( ) Here is Tamika Williams story with Gastroparesis: Tell us about yourself: My… Read More

Mother turned Yoga Enthusiast: How a mom found her mojo

      Meet Tia, Tia is a mother of an amazing four-year-old. She is an assistant manager @ European Wax center. Tia practices yoga and meditate; she is a spiritual individual who has a passion for spirituality and life. Her long-term goals are to master flexibility and control over the body and mind. In the future, Tia aspires to be a spiritual coach/spiritual healer and possibly a yoga instructor. We are rooting for you,… Read More

5 things to do to Self Correct

One of my biggest challenges that I still face is self-correcting. Often times, It takes an external force to make me realize I could have handled a situation better. We are human beings so we all experience pain, self-doubt, and worthlessness. We also are emotional creatures; our emotional responses to certain situations can help or hurt us. When we are hurt, we carry that hurt and act out. When we are angry, we carry our… Read More

Transparency Tuesday ( Bri Williams story)

Hello All, Welcome to another Transparency Tuesday  for Gastropraesis awareness month. As we get near the end of this month, I would like to thank all the lovely ladies who have submitted their stories. It is amazing how you can learn by someone sharing their story. If you’re unaware of what is Gastroparesis, there is a link  below or you can check out last week story! ( ) Here is Bri Williams story with Gastroparesis:… Read More

Transparency Tuesday : Hannah Ritchie

Hey all!

Welcome to My first transparency Feature! I am super excited to shed light on this beautiful young lady story. Most of you don’t know that August is Gastroparesis Awareness Month.  Gastroparesis is a condition that affects the normal spontaneous movement of the muscles (motility) in your stomach. Ordinarily, strong muscular contractions propel food through your digestive tract. But if you have Gastroparesis, your stomach’s motility is slowed down or doesn’t work at all, preventing your stomach from emptying properly. ( )

This is Hannah Richie and her story with Gastroparesis:

       Tell us about yourself

  1. My name is Hannah, I’m 19 years old and I have Gastroparesis. Along with the gastroparesis, I also have postural Orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and endometriosis. I am obsessed with traveling and Disney and have been to 20 different countries! I’m currently going to school to hopefully become a news anchor one day.

      Tell us your story

  1. When I was 12, I came down with a mono infection that never got better. My main symptom was diarrhea (along with vomiting) and nobody knew what was wrong with me. I can’t even tell you how many tests and procedures I went through that all came back normal. I went years without any answers until I was 17 and was diagnosed with POTS. While being on the right medications helped with my POTS, it did not help my GI issues and I was still horribly sick. I wasn’t content with my neurologist so I decided to switch which was the best decision ever. My new neurologist was familiar with Gastroparesis and decided I needed a gastric emptying scan. This showed mild Gastroparesis, which was enough to get me into the Gastroparesis specialist. He decided I needed the Smart Pill test which showed I actually had severe delayed emptying and that it took 24 hours for my stomach alone to empty. We decided my best option was surgery and a couple of weeks ago, I had a Per-Oral Pyloromyotomy. I ended up getting an NJ tube after surgery to help me recover and it will take a few months to see if it works. I still remain hopeful that I won’t suffer forever and that my doctors will help me find relief.

One positive advice for other’s

  1. My best advice is to never stop pushing for answers. If I didn’t do my own research, I never would have known about POTS or Gastroparesis. You know your body best, and if you don’t think you’re getting the right answers, don’t settle.


A big thank you to Hannah for sharing her story! If you would like to share your story please email me at

See you next Tuesday for another story!

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