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Interview With DMRV

Q: How old are you and where are you from? –  I’ll be 27 on September 15th. And where I’m born was Willingboro, NJ but I’m from Philly. Q: What the inspiration behind you becoming a rapper? – I always knew I wanted to do something with music. I originally started off making beats but I wasn’t good at first and decided to quit. Then my Dad got me this rap DVD ” 2 Raw… Read More

How Can I Sell My Artwork Online?

Are you interested in selling your artwork online? Well, you should check out Sofy Decor they have everything an artist should need. Why not start a side hustle, everyone loves extra money right? They have all your needs ranging from if you just would like to support another black male or females artwork, help talented artist grow, and even just accenting your pure essence.  It’s not always easy finding home decor and accessories with culture designed… Read More