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Buffet Benefits

  When most people hear the word buffet they normally run for the hills. They see their waistlines expanding. Or they see all of their efforts to keep the weight off just piling back up. Then, on the other hand, we have those who pull up their chair right to the buffet station and are excited about the endless possibilities of a buffet. Now what I like to call the benefits of the buffet. it’s… Read More

Almost like home

Being a New Yorker makes me crave a certain kind of pizza. Since I’ve lived in Virginia I’ve been searching for a great substitute or at least a good substitute for my favorite pizza place in New York called Margarita’s Pizza . I found a close second and ironically there called The pizza place . The pizza place reminds me of Margarita’s so much. It’s in the downtown area of Richmond, it’s very local and… Read More

It Was A Chicken Taco

My friend recently moved back down from New York and she had been raving about her experience at Buffalo Wild Wings. I have never been to Buffalo Wild Wings, even though I planned to go on multiple occasions. So on one of our friend dates, we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. I’m going to say my experience was a total of three stars. Now, most people got offended or upset when I ordered… Read More

Brownies sister Blondie

  Everyone knows I love sweets, but I don’t like the guilt that comes with it. One of my favorite desserts to make will be the blondie. The blondie is a sister of the brownie. Instead of cocoa powder we use light brown sugar and vanilla flavors . Now to lessen my guilt a little bit more I like to go for ingredients that adds nutritious value and gives you some kind of health benefit…. Read More

Seafood birthday wish

One of my favorite restaurants in the entire world would be Red Lobster. I love this restaurant, talk about crustacean heaven. When I go to Red Lobster or I plan to go to Red Lobster I get this little girl gitty vibe. I recently went to Red Lobster for my birthday. I was so excited. I ordered the ultimate feast which comes with crab legs, a lobster tail over rice pilaf, shrimp scampi and your… Read More

Friend date

  my friends and I often have a lot of things going on. Between the kids, work and everyday life so we all like to set up lunches or outings at least once a month so we can hang out. We call them friend dates. My friend and I decided to have our luncheon this month at Applebee’s. They have a great to 2 for 20 or 2 for 25 menu. This time I got… Read More

Biscuits with a twist

My favorite meal time to cook of the day would be brunch. Now I love brunch because it mixes breakfast and lunch and I’m often eating in between that time frame. What I love to do is switch things up. I do have a live video stream that I do every Monday on Facebook Z.R.Z Catering called Monday morning, where I cook brunch items. So finding different things to cook is always a little challenging… Read More

Sweet Guilt: Banana cream cookies

your girl loves sweets, but I don’t like the guilt that comes along with it. I often go for the sweets that have fruit in it as a way to dissuade the guilt. Strawberries and bananas are normally my go to. Here is one of my favorite banana cream cookie recipes. It is super simple, very fun (a little sticky) and so easy. You can make these with your kids or for yourself. You can… Read More

Local eats: Send-a-chef

Being an entrepreneur I like to support local businesses. I ordered from a local business in the city of Richmond where I live called send a chef. I ordered the seafood platter. Now you definitely get bang for your buck. My entire meal came to 17.99 but it left some things to be desired. For one the online menu is very confusing and the prices are not accurate. the seafood platter comes with two large… Read More

Italian Fix

If you’re looking for a great Italian fix with a family Vibe Olive Garden is the way to go. I often get the chicken and gnocchi soup to start things off. It’s a creamy soup with traditional Italian dumpling chicken breast, spinach, and carrots. Olive Garden makes their gnocchi by grating potatoes in a rice grater until mashed. Gnocchi can also be made from flour or semolina. Now I love starting with this soup because… Read More