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Sacred Wombman

HADIYA KAYY Bless, my name is Hadiya Kayy. I am a Clairvoyant, Clair-sentient, Intuitive that helps assist individuals to find their inner peace, self-confidence and find the balance within Self and other aspects of your life. My services are for enlightened beings that want to know themselves on a deeper level and learn more about how their childhood behaviors/lifestyle affect you in your current lifestyle.   SACRED WOMBMAN’s goal is to help you re-create your life… Read More

Mother turned Yoga Enthusiast: How a mom found her mojo

      Meet Tia, Tia is a mother of an amazing four-year-old. She is an assistant manager @ European Wax center. Tia practices yoga and meditate; she is a spiritual individual who has a passion for spirituality and life. Her long-term goals are to master flexibility and control over the body and mind. In the future, Tia aspires to be a spiritual coach/spiritual healer and possibly a yoga instructor. We are rooting for you,… Read More