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The Road to Success : A Model And Business Woman

 I might be 5’8” but I walk like I am 5’10 Meet Jasmine Brown, fashion model and entrepreneur.  I have been following Jasmine’s modeling career after I noticed her in Greenleaf as an extra.  Jasmine and I went to high school together. It has been almost a decade since I last caught up with her. Last week, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when her photos from New York Fashion week lit my timeline. When I… Read More

Meet Deborah P. Holder 

 “A woman with vision is unstoppable, a woman who is always increasing her skills multiplies. Along with passion this woman is undeniable.”  ― Janna Cachola Deborah is a mentor, entrepreneur and an idol for young women. She is one of the founders of @enjoilux and The Children’s Place and Beyond in Long Island, New York. She works very hard to help young people have an opportunity to be great.  She has done multiple women empowerment events… Read More


Hey everybody, welcome to Women Empowerment Wednesday. My name is Alieshia and I am so excited to start this journey of Women Empowerment. We are Queens, and should be treated and respected as such. I am 22 years old, a Leo, and I love to travel. I feel that it is very important to highlight women who are doing exceptional work in their personal and professional lives, making an impressionable impact on the community. This… Read More

3 Tips For Budgeting

Check out some of these budgeting hacks and tools to help you reach your financial goals Determine a Monthly Income – Your first budgeting step is to determine your monthly income. When they think about income, most people think of what they earn from their job. However, it is important to include all sources of income. This includes income from any side hustles or extra curriculum activities.  After you become comfortable managing your money on a… Read More

Women Empowerment Wednesday’s COMING SOON

Women Empowerment Wednesday’s COMING SOON is dedicated to women all around the world. Whether a singer, model, dancer, fashion designer, MUA, or etc. this is for US. It’s to uplift, in courage, support, and inspire women and remind our Queen sisters that they aren’t alone. Its all about the empowerment of women. Every Wednesday you’ll see new faces and stories.