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I love to help women learn to walk in their truth with confidence about the traumas they’ve experienced and have been blessed to overcome.

Let me help you capture the highlights of your story and bring your brand to life!

Your latest entrepreneur, writer, coach, and driven optimist dedicated to helping you achieve what you desire your life to be Confident, Hardworking, Intelligent, and Courageous! These are just a few words to describe the young inspiring mogul Nisha Jádore. With a deep desire to add a dash of sparkle to the word, inspire, uplift, and encourage women from all parts getting them to live an intentional life fueled by passion and purpose is her mission.

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I love to help women learn to walk in their truth with confidence about the traumas they’ve experienced and have been blessed to overcome.

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My Happy Clients!

I love asking Nisha for advice ! I ran into a issue with one of my customers orders and I instantly contact Nisha. She helped me come up with a great response. Nisha always help me vision my business ideas. She’s the only person besides my mom and my life coach who knows my business plan inside And out! Thankful for you sis.
- Ashliegh P.
This young lady is the one of sweetest beings I’ve encountered in a long time.. She’s so inspiring, so encouraging, SO uplifting to my spirit. Whenever I’m having a breakdown, hard time, or anything she’s always there to uplift and assure me how strong and beautiful I am. She always reminds me that my trials are only temporary... I’ve gained a sister for life!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
- Bee

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Be inspired through the testimonies of our Queens, we all have flaws and stuff we’re struggling to deal with. Here is a reminder that the battles we face aren’t our own and you’re not alone. We all experience tough days. The inspiration of another’s story can inspire us to keep going.

Dedicated to shine light on Queen entrepreneurs and creatives all across the world. Whether you are a singer, model, dancer, fashion designer, MUA, or etc. this is for US. Our mission is to uplift, encourage, support, and inspire women and remind our Queen sisters that they aren’t alone.

Whether you are a singer, model, dancer, actor, or etc. in the industry. This section will contain interview articles and clips that will be posted. If you would like to be featured on our blog send all inquiries to Iamchicinspires@gmail.com

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Bhavana Borah

The need.

We are so afraid of being alone. Being lonely is a fear our souls seem to be plagued with. Just today I realized how the

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