5 Creative Ideas To Make Money


Everyone wants to be financially free… don’t you? It’s a life we all dream of most, people always consider you cutting back on certain expenses and living life on a tight budget just to experience a peek at life blah blah blah that’s no fun at all! What if I told you that living life on the edge & cringing everytime you check your bank account after purchasing something doesn’t have to your reality! Instead, all you have find ways to add money to have the financial freedom you desire.

  1. Sell Your Skills And Gifts

 Is your dancing skills so great that Michael Jackson would pay your respects to? Are you a creative director that can bring any vision to life? Are you a singer that can give Beyonce a run for her money? If that is so then there are plenty of freelancer jobs waiting around for you. Go out there and show the world what you’ve got. Check out Thumbtack and other similar platforms because someone out there needs what you’ve got!

2.  Drive People Around

Isn’t it so amazing how technology has evolved and with the instant click of a button people can request you to come pick them up. People are making a fairly decent living off of Lyft or Uber you can even get that to make an increase in finances by working part-time or full-time if you consider it.

3. Ever Thought About Babysitting For Busy Parents

Babysitting seems like it would be the obvious go to when wanting to a little extra cash and you might just think it’s not your thing right? It’s someone else’s kid who might just throw a few extreme tantrums every now and then but here’s the plot twist. You only have to keep them for a few hours and on the bright side at the end of the day they return to their parents. Those parents who have kids under the age of five are going to be your best friends. They most likely haven’t gotten the chance to grab a night out and share a glass of wine together without having to jump up every ten minutes to tend to the baby. They’d be glad to take you up on your offer. so consider looking at sites like Care.com where you can set your schedule at your convenience.

4. Sell Your Photos

Do you have dope creative shots or the eye for when someone poses at that great angle and lighting? Well if your response was YASSS then you can sell your pictures to sites like ShutterstockiStock, Adobe, and many other amazing sites. Whether you’re a freelancer or professional there’s room for you. Everytime someone downloads your photos you’ll get a percentage.

5. Rent out your room

Got a spare room in your house and considering bringing in some extra income, rent it out. Companies like Airbnb are in your best interest whether you wish to rent out your entire family home or a single room. Put this to thought…If you know you love to travel or have a desire to start, rent out your home to make some money so while you’re enjoying your vacay, bae-cation this can help cover all your adventures cost. Sounds exciting right and it’s nearly you enjoying life at someone else’s expense. Who wouldn’t enjoy that!?

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