Glam’d Beauté


My name is Alexis Tanille and I’m the owner of Glam’d Beauté. Glam’d Beauté is an up and coming luxury hair collection which initially started over a year and a half ago. I started my own brand of hair because I’ve personally had sooo many unfortunate experiences with different hair companies like Ali Express etc where the prices are cheaper but the hair is trash. I wanted to create a brand for all women who want quality, a real quantity that will last, but I also wanted to make it affordable and that’s just what I did. I took an entire year off to research and test out different vendors. Glam’d Beauté will officially launch in mid-August 2018. If you would like to order please contact us by email at or on Instagram @glamdbeaute. We specialize in Virgin Hair, Raw Hair, and Mink Lashes. We also have an amazing affordable line for anyone on a budget. Take $30 off your hair order with code “GLAM101” plus FREE SHIPPING on us! Follow our Instagram @glamdbeaute to stay up to date😘



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