Celebs Are Humans Too, You Do Realize That Right?

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“Don’t let them tame you, wild child.”

It’s obvious we live in a society where people want to always get first dibs on the what’s happening in the next person’s life. Although there are some that will make it their job to know. I can too I guess you can relate that to as why I chose to be a journalist/blogger. Growing up I always searched to find answers to things I pretty much didn’t understand “brief descriptions” have never been my thing. That has resulted in me being the “I need to know more” adult. 

Here’s where things get pretty interesting. Take a glance at my title “Celebs Are Humans Too, You Do Realize That Right?” There are so many people like you and I that want to always be caught up on the latest gossip about our favorite celebs. It’s a pretty fair game for those who are always caught in the public eye to know that their private life is no longer private. Now with me and my blogging career beginning to flourish I’m seeing that this is even truer than I realized before. This is also why I very seldom post my private life on my social media for many reasons but most of all to keep my family and friends safe. I don’t need everyone to know who I spend my private time with or whom I hold very near and dear to my heart.

By now I know you’re all rooting get to the MAJOR KEY ALERT already!!! *DJ Khaled’s Voice* Lol anyways. Lately, there’s been a constant presence of hostility toward many celebs, whether small or large in their careers. Ranging from whether the topic was well worth arguing about or something insignificant about a decision they’ve made in their life, somewhere somehow there is always that critic without credentials telling the celeb to kill themselves.

It’s totally not cool and someones got to put an end to it. If I recall correctly this happened to the artist Kehlani around March 2016 when she was facing a troublesome time in her life to point she even attempted to commit suicide. Many went on Twitter and Instagram an said all types of rude daunting comments to her about her battle. It happens far too often and believes or not it’s a form of bullying. If cruel statements were pointed towards a “regular” person it would be addressed immediately and put to an end. It’s just gruesome how individuals will target a human being just to spread hate.

It’s not a shocker that most of these acts are through social media networks where people are supposed to connect but instead, they spread hate. Social media has its perks but nowadays it just seems like its an outlet to hate on others, especially celebrities. Cyber-bullying happens to almost everyone even the “unbreakable” and “untouchable” celebs. It may seem as though that them having such a huge audience they don’t feel or see the hate that much often but they do. No matter what status they’re at their emotions will always exist. Sometimes the hate can overcome the amount of love they receive.

You know it’s one thing to have an opinion and another to just disrespect someone for no reason at all in a hateful way. No matter how famous someone gets there still should be an end put to all this bashing through cyber-bullying. Celebrities are people too. Just because they’re exposed to the spotlight so often doesn’t mean they’ve turned into “Tin Man” from the “Wizard Of Oz”: they’re just in a different career path that calls for a public audience. So I believe we should put an end to cyberbullying before there is an end to all the good on social media as well.

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