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Hey everyone!

Welcome to transparency Tuesday! I will be touching bases on many subjects that need to be talked about. I will be interviewing people over time for a variety of topics, like mental health, chronic pain, PCOS and much more.

About me:

– My name is AAliyah Choi, I am 23 years old. I am a mother of one and I am married. I was diagnosed with PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome) at the age of 21. Unfortunately, the lack of care and knowledge lead to some serious complications, which almost cost me my life. Instead of giving up, I took it upon myself to educate myself and become an advocate. I couldn’t be more happy with my progress and how far I have made it.

Why should I share my story?

– Good question, I think it is very important to share our stories. That’s how we learn and grow. I understand, sharing a very personal story is hard to do. But the greater cause is well worth it.  But what if people judge me? You are the captain of your sea. What others think of you shouldn’t matter. You are doing a great act of selflessness. You will be surprised by how many people have similar stories as you. You never know how much your story is helping someone get through their own battle.

How do sign up?

If you are interested in sharing your story, please email me at aaliyah.blogger16@gmail.com

Please include in the subject ( Interested in sharing my story)

  • Please state what you would like share
  • Any social media links

I will have questions for you to answer. Once completed, you will get a follow-up email and from there you will know when the interview will be published.

Thank you!

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