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Hey, my name is DeNaye Alston and I am proud to write for IamChic Inspires. The world could use a little more inspiration and a lot more encouragement. I am here to give you a weekly dose of motivation, inspiring you to achieve the impossible. Before I do that I want to let you know about my inspiration. What inspires me every day? My friends and family, without them, I wouldn’t be me.

My best friend challenges me to better myself. She pushes me to be an ambassador of health and wellness and an entrepreneur, with her by my side, I can achieve my goals. I call her daily when I frustrated about my future or when I am down about setbacks. Everyone needs a friend like that and everyone needs to be a friend like that. 

Next up are my nieces and nephews. As an aunt, I am challenge to become a better person. Since I have little ones who look up to me,  I strive to be a positive role model to them. They are winners; kids have qualities that all adults need; children are determined, resourceful, and honest. We all need those keys to be successful. 

An unlikely source of inspiration comes from my Facebook friends. I love seeing them do well.  My timeline is full of individuals starting families, careers, and new journeys.  When I see people who I know living out their dreams, I am reassured that my dreams are possible too. The affects we have on each other is immense. When you surround yourself with positive energy, you bring it others, and when you do that it radiates. 

My motivation comes from my family and my coaching  girls basketball. I want to show them: anyone can come from nothing and create something. During basketball season, we hit the floor hard and we become a family.  As a basketball coach, my girls inspire me to be confident; they push me to be bold and courageous. When you have teenagers who also look up to you, you will always make sure you do your best.

You want to know what inspires me the most: people. We are created to be immaculate, to do unbelievable things, to break boundaries. I know we all are capable of the extraordinary.  I know people who have talents, who could invent the next best thing. I also know many people who weren’t able to use their talents. Since they didn’t have support to flourish, they never grew into what they were supposed to be. 

I would like to use my talents to help people meet their potential. I want everyone to know, “If I can, you can.” I have something inside of me. Something inspired by God. My heart beats loud: I am on fire. This fire in me will conqueror every obstacle that comes its way. I hope I can be a weekly dose of inspiration to you. I also hope my tenure at IamChic Inspires will inspire you to grab everything in arms reach and I hope I’ll be able to inspire people  for the rest of my life.


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