When God Puts Your Dreams On Hold

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Have you ever felt that feeling deep down within your soul that you’ve been called to do something but you just keep getting setback after setback and it’s draining you? It’s kind of like those times you call the customer support team for something and you’re put on a “brief hold” you continue to hold until the comforting music is no longer a relief for you and you fight the urge to get frustrated and just trust that rep will get back to you so you won’t have to hang up and start the process again.

It’s like you experience the amount of joy & you’re excited about what’s to come but you still at the same time you feel stuck, trapped, and at an odds end. Well, join the party many people in the bible felt this way. Everyone in the bible was born for a set purpose and calling over their life but they had to endure the wait which led them to feel as though they were doing the complete opposite than God had intended them to do so. This didn’t last always though eventually, their dreams came to fruition.

List of a few people who waited on Gods timing:

  1.  Abraham—the promise of a son
  2.  Joseph—called to save his family (and a nation)
  3.  David—anointed to be king of Israel
  4.  Job—from afflictions to abundance 
  5.  Hannah—the desire for a son
  6.  Ruth—from grief to joy

Lessons to grasp in our season of waiting:

L1.  Let God be God [Psalms 46:10]

God wants to throw away our old thinking and convert more to his ways and thoughts. Give up the battle because it’s not yours to fight it’s his. Submit to him always and lean not to your own understanding but his only!

L2.  God is much wiser than we are [Proverbs 3:5,6]

God started this work in us and he’s destined to fix it. He knew of these times and battles way before we came across them. He knows the orders of steps in which you should be going.

L3.  Our day to prosper will come [Psalms 75:6-7]

When you’re on hold it means you’re preparing for something to birth and you’re getting ready for what to come next. Also when God puts on hold he can prepare others who are supposed to work with us in our next level.

L4.  God works in the unseen first before He deals with the seen [2 Corinthians 4:18]

Understand the invisible, spirit realm is more real than the visible realm we live in. Before god changes your outside circumstances he must change the inside of you he’s changing your whole mindset and heart. Understand that in this season he is DEVELOPING your faith before your circumstances even start to shift.

L5. The virtue of patience [Hebrews 6:12, James 1:1-3]

Gods want YOU to just believe in him so you can reap the rewards and promises. Sew your faith and patience in this season if you do nothing else! Through faith and patience, we can inherit the promises.  You will end complete, whole, and lacking for anything. Realize that everything is up for grabs everything just won’t all happen at once. BE PATIENT!

It can be hard to endure the season of waiting so here are a few tips to take along with you on this journey as God continues to order your steps…

  •  Concentrate on YOU and what areas require growth. (Read books, find friends/mentors to hold you accountable, be INSPIRED always.)
  • Stay focused and educated always. ( Read more books, further your education, attend workshops and seminars)
  •  Go into a season of prayer & fasting. (Eliminate all distractions, toxic people who disrupt your spirituality.. this includes family and friends, allow God to become your best friend. Set aside time for God alone and ambitions separately.
  • It’s important to build relationships when you’re on hold. (Network with others whose dreams align with yours, more divine situations happen when you build good relationships, you’re going to always need others you can’t do it on your own Gods dream is too big to carry alone.
  • And most of all STAY FOCUSED ( Have fun but remember your purpose, personal things are cool but don’t fall out of alignment with who God has called you to be, surround yourself with things and people who keep you focused on the goal.


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