Mo Da Dancer

Age: 22

City & State: Brooklyn NYC

Q: What has been your most challenging dance routine? Do you have a favorite?

– My favorite dance routine that I ever made was a song to heads will roll BY yeah yeah yeah

Q: What inspires you to dance? Like when did you know you had the gift & What should the viewer take away, interpretation or a message you wish to convey?

– Chris Brown is my biggest inspiration when I was a lot younger I use to watch all his video wanting to do the things he did … I couldn’t sing or rap but I always knew how to dance but when I found out I was actually good I just ran with it …

Q: If you could give advice for aspiring younger dancers, what did you discover about the industry that you would want others to know about?

– Well I’m not necessarily in the industry yet but I think they should know that you are your only competition …. better yourself before u worry about what the next person is doing or going

Q: What are some little-known facts about yourself you would want others to know, like who is Mo The Dancer on a casual day?

– I love to mind dance … my thought place is on the subway train going places … just thinking about what I wanna do in the future

Q: What is something that keeps you strong when things get difficult?

– My family my supports … reasons why I never stop dancing … and the struggle I live In

Q: Who in the industry have you had the chance to meet and some you would like to collab and work with?

– Chris Brown of course but besides him, I think Tricia Miranda cause she is so swaggy.



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