Italian Fix

If you’re looking for a great Italian fix with a family Vibe Olive Garden is the way to go. I often get the chicken and gnocchi soup to start things off. It’s a creamy soup with traditional Italian dumpling chicken breast, spinach, and carrots. Olive Garden makes their gnocchi by grating potatoes in a rice grater until mashed. Gnocchi can also be made from flour or semolina. Now I love starting with this soup because it gives my palate a nice cleanse and I’m not big on salad when I go out to eat, but they also have a great selection of salad and wine and of course breadsticks. One of my favorite menu items that Olive Garden has is the Ravioli di Portobello. This dish is house ravioli stuffed with mushrooms topped with smoked cheese and dried tomatoes. Now I know everybody is not a big fan of mushrooms like my mom. So if you’re not a fan of mushrooms they also have the cheese ravioli filled with a blend of Italian cheeses top with marinara or meat sauce and melted mozzarella or you can also ask them to top it with the smoked cheese that comes with the ravioli di portobello and you’ll still get the same great flavor. If you need something more they have a great selection that should have no problem with filling your Italian fix.

Zykia McCoy


Chicken & Gnocchi soup

 Ravioli Di Portobello

Cheese Ravioli

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