Young Female Boss: Shys.Glam

I chose Shy for women empowerment Wednesday because she is a young boss who represents for the young women in the community. She has her own business and company called “FramedByShy” where she sells a variety of stylish sunglasses that you can rock in any color or style.

Q: What is your passion?  

– My overall passion is inspiring others. 

Q: Who do you want to inspire?

– I want to inspire and motivate young men and women to live their dreams and develop their passion into empires and become our future entrepreneurs!

Q: Why do you do what you do? 

– I invest all of my time into my business because it brings joy and happiness into my life ! I don’t see it as working, I see it as fulfilling my destiny and making my dreams come true.

Q: What is your current career job or profession?

– My current career as of right now besides owning a business and building my brand, I am a part-time Hooters Girl and a full-time security guard.

Q: What is one of your main goals?

– One of my main goals is to expand and reach a high level of success ! I want to give the key components of being successful while living my dreams as a entrepreneur, putting my crafts and passions to use.

Q: What is one of your biggest accomplishment?

– My biggest accomplishment as this far is how much I’ve been networking ! I’ve met so many inspiring women that have guided me down the path that will lead me to greatness ! I have attended brunches, pop up shops as a vendor and getting interviews. I have become an official girl boss !               

Writer: Diahni Sample 

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