Money Saving Tips

Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult. Automate and prepay your bills, learn basic money-saving tricks, eliminate temptation, and utilize your feet to make financial responsibility easy. These simple hacks will put you years ahead of your peers and help you create a very bright financial life to be proud of. Almost everything can be automated, including credit card bills, utilities, student loans, savings, and even rent. Set up your pay check to be direct deposited into checking, savings, you can automate each of your bills to be withdrawn from your checking on the same day each month.

The less often you pay, the less you have to worry about juggling multiple bills. Pay things like car or renter’s insurance annually or semi-annually. You will likely get a discount for prepaying, and this can be set up to be withdrawn automatically as well. Our society as a whole drives everywhere. Train yourself to not use a vehicle as your primary form of transportation, provided you don’t live in the middle of nowhere. By walking or biking instead of driving, you’ll be saving money on gas, while also getting healthier and not hurting the environment. I love bike riding as I feel like it incorporates exercise as well. Eventually, it will become second nature to walk or bike, and this habit will save you big time over the course of your lifetime. The more you save the more you will find it more practical to you and trust me your future self will love you for implementing these money saving tips.

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