Mother turned Yoga Enthusiast: How a mom found her mojo



“Yoga Moms are super cool”- Tia Webster


Meet Tia, Tia is a mother of an amazing four-year-old. She is an assistant manager @ European Wax center. Tia practices yoga and meditate; she is a spiritual individual who has a passion for spirituality and life. Her long-term goals are to master flexibility and control over the body and mind. In the future, Tia aspires to be a spiritual coach/spiritual healer and possibly a yoga instructor. We are rooting for you, Tia. 


  1. What is your number one source of inspiration?

My number one source of inspiration comes from my desire to do well and I can’t forget the yoga moms who don’t let hectic schedules get in the way of their yoga lifestyle. I think the yoga moms are super cool.


  1. What made you decide that you wanted to live a  rewarding life.

I realized I was always fatigued and I was tired of feeling that way.


  1. How did your lifestyle change and what you made you change it.

I decided to change my lifestyle by getting up and getting active as well as cutting out processed foods and sugar.


  1. What is your diet like?

I eat plenty of vegetables and beans. I also try to drink a gallon of water a day.


  1. What made you go vegetarian?

I am actually a pescatarian, however, most of my meals are vegetarian. I began to notice I felt different while consuming meat and the smell of meat began to bother me.

  1. What is your exercise regimen?

I practice yoga every morning and sometimes in the evening if I can make it on the mat. Sometimes I follow a yoga instructor on Youtube and other times I do it on my own.

  1. How does yoga make you stay active?

Yoga gives me energy! When I do other outdoor activities like kayaking or even running around after my daughter at the park, it doesn’t tire me out anymore.

  1. What is the number one thing you learned during your journey?

I learned patience. I’ve found at the beginning of my yoga practice, I could get frustrated thinking I wasn’t capable of many things, but once I relaxed and became persistent I saw drastic results.

  1. What would you tell others who struggle with their weight?

I would tell them, If you are serious about it, make it a priority. Commit to your goals every day and you will see results.

  1. How do you feel now?

As of right now, I am grounded. I wake up every morning with energy.

  1. What would you tell to those who don’t know about yoga or are interested in trying it?

I would tell anyone interested in yoga to give it a try. I believe it helps you connect with your true self as well as challenge your body. Not only does it help with flexibility and strength but it allows you to get to know your self and your body!

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