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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our last Transparency Tuesday for Gastropraesis awareness month. As we get ready for PCOS Awareness month. I still take pride in the wonderful women I have met this month. Continue to share your stories ladies!

If you’re unaware of what is Gastroparesis, there is a link below or you can check out last week story!

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Here is Tamika Williams story with Gastroparesis:

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Tamika Williams. I am 28 years of age . I am a Gastroparesis Warrior.

Share your story:

  • I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis between April/May of 2018 , but I had been severely sick since early February of 2018 . We had no idea what was going on , I was told so many different things. So , I had searched many websites for a GI doctor. Prior to being diagnosed, I figured something serious was going on . I had lost my appetite, I couldn’t eat , I couldn’t hold anything down. That’s when I said enough is enough. I found a doctor , got many test , procedures and scans done . Which landed me in the hospital in the early part of April to have a procedure done, because I was sick and couldn’t control symptoms . So my doctor ordered me to have a Gastric Emptying Study done, which took over 4 hours. After all the stuff I went through in February. We finally got to it,  after I had the emptying study done. When finding out I had Gastroparesis, I was hurt, shocked and truly didn’t understand. I had no idea this existed. It was just heartbreaking spending day in and day out in the hospital, constantly being stuck with needles and so on. I continued seeing my GI doctor and I was put on medication to help maintain and control the symptoms. Once again I became real sick , with fatigue ,nauseous, bruises on my stomach, dizziness, constant infections , uncontrollable pain which ended up putting me back into the hospital.   Here we are into August and I am truly wishing I could be my old self. I don’t let it bring me down, I try to maintain and SMILE through it all.  I am going to be seen at a great hospital who works well with Gastroparesis and I am sure that they will be able to help me have some true relief .  Gastroparesis has controlled half of my life, but I am determined to finish the LAST round and claim my life back .. I learned that yes I have a chronic illness, but I am Chronically Fabulous and I know I will be “OK” because I have all the FAITH & HOPE in the world .


One piece of positive Advice:

 To all, who may be facing hard situations just keep the dream alive .  Remember the battle is not yours. Just PRAY and keep the faith . You may seem like you can’t fight anymore or deal but push through and keep your head up. Trust me at the end of the rainbow it will be GOLD.  Keep pushing , keep moving forward and remember GOD doesn’t put more on us then we can bear . In the midst of it all remember NEVER give up . Your back may be up against the ropes, but remember you are a winner, you are a WARRIOR and you got this.  I believe in you .


A big thank you to Tamika for sharing her story!  

We currently closed for PCOS Awareness month submissions.

See you next Tuesday for another story

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