Meet Female Boss: Kim Mal

I chose Kim for women empowerment Wednesday because she is a female boss who represents for the women across the community. She has her radio station called “Boss Ladies Radio” which is a radio station in New York the promotes music, and success of the entrepreneurs on the rise making a mark.

Q: What is your passion?  

– My passion is the love for my people, the love for entertainment.  

Q: What inspired you?

– I saw that inspiring, happy and motivating music was fading away from the airwaves and I wanted to help preserve that, so that is where my inspiration stems from. 

Q: Why do you do what you do? 

– I do what I do because I wanted to hear change in the radio circuit.

Q: What is your current career job or profession?

– I wear several hats in my current career. I am the founder and CEO of Boss Ladies Radio. I am the Television Host of the New York Entertainment with Kim and Donald, and I also own a Childcare facility on Long Island. 

Q: What is one of your main goals?

– I love being my own boss. I used to be a Bank Manager and was very successful, so I said to myself why not use everything that I have learned to manage my own business! Become my OWN boss! When the opportunity arose for me to own my radio show, I didn’t hesitate.

Q: What is one of your biggest accomplishment?

– My biggest accomplishment is being a wife and becoming a mother of respectful and wonderful children who have great character and dignity.         

Writer: Diahni Sample 

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