Transparency Tuesday ( Aanisha Allen PCOS story)


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Welcome back to another Transparency Tuesday! This month we are shedding light on PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) I am personally affected by this disorder. Over 10 million women worldwide is affected by PCOS. I will link to PCOS Awareness Association for more details.

First up for our PCOS Awareness month is Aanisha Allen!

  A Little About Me:

 My name is Aanisha Allen. I am 23 years old; also I was born and raised in LaGrange, Ga. I am a college student that majoring in Business Administration at National American University.

  My Journey with PCOS:

 Living with PCOS has made me the warrior I am today,  I never knew how strong I was until I was faced with PCOS. During this journey, I was faced with many trials and obstacles with my body, mind, and soul. It doesn’t just cause problems with the physical body, but it can mess with your emotions which can cause depression, low self-esteem, fear, and etc.

  Before I was diagnosed with PCOS, I didn’t know anything about this condition. I used to always wonder why I kept having ovarian cysts, early miscarriages or difficulty of becoming fertile, weight problems, irregular menstrual cycles, and other things. Until I came across the day of my diagnosis. In December 2014, I came across a great doctor who specialized in women’s health; also he was the only doctor to figure out what was going with me. He ran several tests and ask questions that lead to my diagnosis of PCOS. Once I was diagnosed with PCOS, I was in mixed of emotions because I was happy to find out what was going on with me, but I also was depressed and scared too. The feeling of depression and fear came from being confused on how to deal with this and overcome it. I never faced a situation like that one. Also, the main emotional part was scared of not be able to conceive and stay pregnant, because I always had a dream of becoming a mother one day. The diagnosis had got the best of my mind, body and soul.  I had allowed it, but God woke me up and told me that “I don’t have to fight this battle on my own, but I can let him fight it for me. That was the day I gained my strength back and found ways to manage the symptoms of the condition. At the same time, I learned that I am going to have bad and emotional days, where I feel like throwing in the towel, but I have to keep my faith in God no matter what. See, the enemy can get to your mind and put thoughts in your head that “you will never be able to have kids”,  “you are not beautiful”, or “you will never be able to overcome this battle”. You have to wake up and realized that “God is bigger than any situation, and he can fight the battle for you,if you just give it all to him”. In my personal experience, I can testify that God is able to fight the battle for you with PCOS, he has done it for me. I don’t have that many problems like I was with the condition, for example, I don’t have problems with my menstrual cycles, blood pressure, or ovarian cysts that much during the year. Also, I have a bigger chance of conceiving since I can ovulate on my own now. When I don’t have ovarian cysts, they only come once or twice a year. However, I hope my story encourages someone out there to not allow no situation to overcome you, but you overcome it with God on your side.

  The Positive Words:

 No longer allow PCOS to overcome you, but you overcome it! No matter how hard it gets at times, start telling yourself that you have the victory and more than a conqueror with God on your side! Always remind yourself of wonderful things about yourself or speak positivity over yourself every morning no matter how bad you could be feeling at the time.


 My support team (mom, family, friends, spiritual parents/leaders) is one of the things that always motivated me on this journey. The second motivation would be God, because he has been here every step of the way and keeping me through all of the obstacles on this journey as well.

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Written by AAliyah Choi

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