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Welcome back to another Transparency Tuesday PCOS edition. I have the pleasure of sharing PCOS stories from strong women all over the world. Over 10 million women worldwide have PCOS. If you are unaware of what PCOS is, please go to  for more information.

Hey is Kate sharing her awesome story with PCOS:

Hey, I am Kate and I live in Durham, in the North East of England. I am 34 years old and I work full time as a Occupational Therapist. I support adults to manage their physical and mental health difficulties. Alongside this, I also own a online Lifestyle Coaching Business. I support individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals through sharing my tips, strategies, lifestyle choices and provide guidance to overcome obstacles. Also helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. I coach them daily through workouts and flexible clean eating nutrition plans. If anyone has any difficulties, Myself and the group are there to support them and get straight back on track. I am also growing and leading a team of passionate people who want to help address the obesity crisis across the UK, USA and Canada. We work collaboratively in empowering others to gain their health and fitness goals. While also earning an additional or full time income in order to achieve their own personal business and health goals.

 Share your story:

  As a teenager I began battling with my weight. I started my cycle at 14 years old and by my late teens I had not developed regular cycle. At the age of 22, I went to the doctors to ask for this to be investigated to see if there was something wrong. During this time I remember having difficulties with my emotions, moods and anxiety. I always put it down to my age. The doctor was reluctant to investigate but I pushed. The doctor then turned round to me and said ‘what if you get diagnosed with PCOS, meet someone and they leave you because of it?’. My response was ‘then they are not worth my time in the first place’. This ONE sentence influenced my thoughts on PCOS and relationships moving forward. I had the scan done.They diagnosis me and that was it. No more support or advice from doctors.
 Throughout all of my 20’s, I battled with my weight. I had varying levels of anxiety and moods sometimes to the extreme of affecting my daily life and requiring intervention.  PCOS had a huge influence on my relationships. I was like a closed book, I didn’t let anyone in. I would worry about the most smallest things. when it came to having boyfriends, I would be in self destruction mode. I lacked confidence to the point, I wouldn’t give eye contact to waiters in public settings. I was self-conscious and always comparing myself to other girls. I got self conscious about my facial hair, having the need to wax it. I always looked for the next easy quick fix to lose weight. It’s not until, I looked back and realized  how much the anxiety, mood, difficulty with weight, stress levels and irregular periods impacted on me.
By my late 20’s, I started getting more concerned about my fertility and although I hadn’t met the right man. I wanted to give myself the best chance to have a family. I went to see a Chinese herbalist where I received acupuncture and natural herbal tea in Newcastle Upon Tyne. This intervention moved my periods from being anywhere between 6-9 months apart to every 5 weeks, I was so pleased. Although my weight and anxiety was still an issue. At the age of 31 everything changed again, long story short I began getting severe autoimmune issues every other month which took over my life. The fatigue and loss of appetite was unbelievable. At the time, the weight loss was a positive (although unhealthy).

That when I took control, I found my online lifestyle coach, joined her group and got the support and never looked back. 2 years after starting my journey, I have never been so fit and strong mentally or physically in my life. I have developed a healthy lifestyle which has helped me manage my PCOS and autoimmune symptoms (diagnosed Celiac disease October 2017). As I am writing this, I am in another autoimmune flare, but this is the first one in 17 months. Whereas previously they have been every other month. I am doing something right! Due to my flare up, I had to return to the same Chinese herbalist. As I explained my autoimmune difficulties, She asked about my period and I explained I had been on a contraceptive pill since my late 20s. Which was specific for PCOS and treating hormonal imbalance. Her response was, do you still have PCOS? I was managing the symptoms, but I never thought that I may have naturally healed my body. Nor did I considered the contraceptive pill no longer being right for me. This only happened yesterday and although I don’t know for sure. There is a high chance that I have naturally healed my body from PCOS. The only way I would know for sure, is when I try  to conceive. One thing is for sure, I will continue my new lifestyle. I will do all I can to look after my body and mind.


   Give one piece of positive advice

 Believe in yourself, believe you can overcome the obstacles and challenges life throws at you. Believe you have seasons of life. Some are tougher than others. But everything happens for a reason and I have had a very difficult journey. I wouldn’t be sharing my story with you right now had I not had the experience. I have developed my belief, that I can achieve my health an fitness goals.
   Name 2 things that inspire you, that help you stay motivated
1. Social media is amazing and I follow many positive influences on social media who inspire me through their PCOS, autoimmune and fitness journeys. I have also found that some PCOS groups can be extremely negative and a breeding ground for negativity. I actually removed myself from these groups and only surround myself with positive people with positive mindsets.
2. Personal development books have been an absolute game changer for me. I do at least 20 minutes a day, I listen to audible in the car on the way to work. The most significant in one in my life is ‘You’re a badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life’ By Jen Sincero. I recommend this book to my followers, my challengers and my team.
and I know it doesn’t say 3 BUT!!
3. I keep a positivity journal. Every night I think about what has been positive in the day. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the small positive aspects of life and get swept away with negativity. This ends the day on a positive!
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