Meet Allie: Resume Writer & Momprenuer

I chose Allie for women empowerment Wednesday because she is a female boss and a hard worker while raising a family. She has inspired me because she is a resume writer and so am I, so I admire someone who is in  the same business field.

Q: What is your passion?  

– My passion is writing and helping people grow and do better in life. I started my resume company to help people excel in their career and in the job hunting world with 1 well written resume.

Q: What inspired you?

– I am a resume writer because I enjoy having the power of the pen and using it to be an advantage to the world. As a little girl I always excelled in my English classes and anything that required writing. I developed a passion at a young age. I use my ability to write well to my advantage and the advantage of others. I enjoy knowing that my clients took a step towards success the moment they invested in my services and let me help them reach their goals. 

Q: Why do you do what you do? 

– I want to be a part of everyone’s success and my dream is to own a staffing agency along with my resume company so that I can create my client’s resumes and help them find careers of their dreams all in one!

Q: What is your current career job or profession?

– I am currently a customer service representative with a fortune 500 company and I have been for the past 5 years. 

Q: What is one of your main goals?

– One of my main goals is to finish my Bachelor’s degree in business finance. I have been on my college journey since I was 18 and now that I am 25 I am ready to close my college chapter and focus on my own business owner chapter. I want my kids to have a super woman to look up to as a role model who is also their mommy. 

Q: What is one of your biggest accomplishment?

– One of my biggest accomplishments was beating the odds and starting my own company in March of 2018. As a young mother of 2, I was always told that I could no longer accomplish my dreams and I crushed those odds and plan on accomplishing many more goals. 

       Writer: Diahni Sample 


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