How To Clear Hard Inquiries Off Your Credit Score

You can improve your credit in a series of ways, one being that you can remove hard inquiries off of your score. Although these do have special criteria you have to meet before they just magically fall off it’s still most definitely possible. If you’re eligible it’s definitely time to pull out your old writing skills. If you thought bad credit had to only with non-payment factors you have another thought coming hard inquiries do have a great pull on your approval odds for that new house or car. When you start to constantly apply for new credit, it began to look like you’re thirsty for credit. 

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Animated enough for you? Lol, I think you get it now. So let’s move forward so I can help you get those ugly annoyances off your report and you can rise up to a score of 700+ and live it up like Beyoncé. 

What are inquiries?

Ever went to the car dealership, bank, school financial aid office for any matter and they asked to run your credit? Here are a few examples of hard inquiries:

  • New car lease or purchase
  • Housing Loan
  • Apartment Leasing
  • Cellular Contracts
  • Personal Loan

And the list goes on, But one method to remove them is to dispute by certified mail letter. You must send one to each and every credit bureaus. Your Credit Inquiry Removal Letter should include the reason for disputing the inquiry, the company that requested your information, the reason being unrecognized or unauthorized activity along with the request to have the items removed.

The second option you have is to allow the inquiries to fall off on their own. Also, allow the time for them to remove themselves before you go trying to apply for a new line of credit. The end goal is to remove them but if you are not familiar with this process it’s definitely okay to hire a credit repair agency so these things don’t destroy and hover over your credit score progress too long. Now you’re all set!


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