Live more, survive less.

I am a 20 year old Fashion Communication student at a college in New Delhi, India. Today I am gonna tell you what I have learnt in the past two and a half years of my college life. 

To look forward to a career is probably the hardest thing we have to do as people. As much as we do not want to be a part of this rat race, we somehow or the other find ourselves in it. What we always have to keep in our minds is that we are never answerable to any force or anybody else for the life we are living. If today I am too tired to work or my creativity needs a little time to kick in, it is okay. I have always been hard on myself and even today I continue to be hard on myself. I am always thinking how probably other people are gonna succeed and I sit with the fear of not being able to do as much but I also realized how it will never be my fault. It’s a life I chose. It’s also my health and happiness that I have to take care of. Sure someone will always be ahead of you. Sure the world will sometimes make you feel you are incompetent but the world will never come down and be of any help the day you are tired of everything and just wish to give up so learn to take care of yourself, only you can do that. No one else will ever understand you better than you do. 

Also, what is success if its with an exhausted mind and worn out eyes? Success is happiness and a healthy life, a pile of money yet with friends and family around. I understand how all of us are running towards the top so we can have enough to live with. The top is not the answer, the journey is. The top is just a mirage we are pulled to. a whole other gimmick to life. The journey is what will always matter the most – so learn to live, to laugh, to enjoy the little things but mostly learn to give yourself time and find peace in between all the hustle of life. 


Praise me oh lord

For today I smiled a whole,

Praise me oh lord

For today I fed my soul.

Praise me oh lord 

For I lived a little,

But don’t turn away

When I am brittle.

With a heavy heart 

and a chest so cold,

I pray to thee

For love that old.


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