Seafood birthday wish

One of my favorite restaurants in the entire world would be Red Lobster. I love this restaurant, talk about crustacean heaven. When I go to Red Lobster or I plan to go to Red Lobster I get this little girl gitty vibe. I recently went to Red Lobster for my birthday. I was so excited. I ordered the ultimate feast which comes with crab legs, a lobster tail over rice pilaf, shrimp scampi and your choice of a side. For my side I chose mashed potatoes and for my appetizers, of course you know you get the lovely cheddar biscuits. I also ordered the lobster Pizza with Caesar salad.

It was lobster fest so I seen it only right to order the lobster pizza.

It was delicious, it was cheesy and it had so much lobster on it. You know how when you go to some restaurants and you have to pick out the lobster or the shrimp and you only get a few. This was not the case. My pizza was  loaded down with lobster and I got a big birthday drink, the lobster lovers punch.

No it did not have lobster in it lol. All in all I had a great birthday and then they sing to me with my birthday sundae.

I was super happy. So if you’re ever in a need for seafood fix and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a high-end restaurant Red Lobster is the the place for you. it has great Seafood reasonable pricing great drinks and are currently having shrimp fest. Until next time happy eating.

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