Today we are going to talk about anger. We are always addressing matters so huge that we forget to think about the root of the problems. This world would be a better place without the turmoil we create, acting so fast. What is anger? What does it do to a person? It changes a person and how he judges a situation. As much as hurt can do to a person, anger harms a person even more. If today I take in account the pain inflicted on me by a certain someone, the wisest thing to do is count till 10, assess the condition, but getting angry will never make anything pretty. It’s one of the most irrelevant feelings a person can have.


Relationships are ruined. Life changes. People leave. Anger does that to life. It takes a while to grow up, understand where anger should be placed. Until then life is just a string of events one after the other but never repeating. Always finding the end of something because you couldn’t control the overflow of emotions. So what do you really choose? Is it going to be anger or love? The power of honesty or the disgust of insecurities? I have put in a lot of thought and I have had people in my life, leaving and coming back, inflicting pain all because controlling anger is like wanting a fish to stay out of water.


So do not anger the soul, for anger is a sin so difficult to deny.

Live a happy life for we deserve the love and we need to give out love.

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