What is forgiveness?

Is it the smile that crowds a gloomy face or is it the feather that forms in one’s heart?

What life will always appreciate is the beauty of forgiveness – the need to earn salvation. As god sent upon life in our hearts, little did we understand how it all worked for us. From falling down the cliff to walking up the mountain, change has been the only constant. What we learnt along way was that we as people have two options – to live and forgive or to hold within till the heart fails. To hold within till the heat gives in is a slow death that will leave one empty.

Forgiveness is a form of art, a beauty within the soul that only the purest master.  It is not only about what good it does to you but also what good it inflicts on the other person. Love is yet a synonym for forgiveness, a figure of speech so serene in its own form. It does not mean that one should hurt and hurt and forgive and forgive. It simply means that as you get wiser, what bothers you becomes minor and your tolerance just shoots up like stars on a night sky.

The beauty lies in learning from life what forgiveness really means. Its not only about letting go of what decomposes the heart but also about what makes you grow into the person you want to be in life. It liberates your mind and soul enough for you to be able to love again and see that beauty exists no matter how many betrayals take place or how many accidents occur.

                    Forgive and live – repent and exist. It will always be your choice.

So what do you choose to start your day with? A dash of forgiveness or a handful of grudge?

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