It Was A Chicken Taco

My friend recently moved back down from New York and she had been raving about her experience at Buffalo Wild Wings. I have never been to Buffalo Wild Wings, even though I planned to go on multiple occasions. So on one of our friend dates, we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. I’m going to say my experience was a total of three stars. Now, most people got offended or upset when I ordered tacos as opposed to your traditional chicken wing. The tacos were chicken so I felt like I followed the law of the restaurant. The location we went to the service could have been a lot better. When we walked in apparently we walked into the wrong entrance, but instead of telling us that the servers continued to talk to each other and ignore us. So we ended up seating ourselves. After about 20 minutes myself and my friend became very frustrated. No one approached us, no one gave us menus, no one even acknowledged that we were sitting in the restaurant with no food or menus on our table. So you can imagine that we were a little louder than we would normally be. It got to the point where a manager had to serve us as opposed to traditional servers. So by the time, we received our food we had a bad taste in our mouths. The manager did make up for it, he was very nice and very courteous. Although I felt he could have given us a discount or comped our meal for our troubles. I ordered the tacos and you would have thought I’d committed a cardinal sin. When I took pictures of my Buffalo Wild Wings experience I got a lot of flack for not ordering the wings. the tacos were chicken tacos it’s not as if I went into a chicken spot and ordered Seafood. They were buffalo chicken tacos. I chose the flavor of the restaurant and I choose chicken. The tacos were good, all in all, my experience again will be at 3 because of the service that I received and I’m being very generous because we were cast out from the very beginning. The service here was very rude. I do plan to try Buffalo Wild Wings again but a different location. If you have a Buffalo Wild Wings in your neighborhood you should definitely try the tacos LOL . just kidding until next time happy eating.

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