The Art of Success

What is success without the taste of failure?

It is a fight still waiting to be fought and won. A battle still strong. Fail to learn wisdom, the power of understanding and learning.


I failed and I failed, like failure came naturally to me.

But little did I know that I was only clearing a pathway to see. 


It is hard to see failing as a step ahead rather than a step behind but it is what eventually teaches us what we experience. People who win in life only win because they know –

the weight of  failure,

the heaviness on the chest

and the fatigue in mind.


When I failed I lay in misery, when I failed I sulked.

But little did I know I was failing to see the sun. 


So it is not the end of the world when failure strikes, its only a lesson. It is not a way to demoralize but a way to lift up in good shape. It sure seems like the end of our lives when failure hits and we fall rock bottom but if we were never to see what rock bottom is made of, what makes us think we deserve to see what lies up their among the clouds? The beauty in failing is the art of success.


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