Almost like home

Being a New Yorker makes me crave a certain kind of pizza. Since I’ve lived in Virginia I’ve been searching for a great substitute or at least a good substitute for my favorite pizza place in New York called Margarita’s Pizza . I found a close second and ironically there called The pizza place . The pizza place reminds me of Margarita’s so much. It’s in the downtown area of Richmond, it’s very local and it’s a corner Pizza Place just like Margarita’s . They have great service, great prices and they have my beef patties that I love . They also have other types of pizza that you can order if you’re not in the mood for your traditional pepperoni or cheese pizza. Which is also a great thing for me because I don’t always like to traditional route . Now if you are in Virginia and you’re home sick from New York or you want to know how New York Pizza taste I suggest stopping at the pizza place . Until next time you guys happy eating.

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