Meet An Amazing Boss : Frances Harley

I chose Frances for women empowerment Wednesday because she is a young female boss who is truly slaying the business world. She has done so much with her business and with her platform. She has hosted multiple networking events to help young female bosses reach their full potential. Frances is an inspiration to me because she helped me with advice towards my business and my education when I was stressed and she didn’t even know me. I feel like she is an amazing young woman and she deserves to be honored. 

Q: What is your passion?  

– My passion is helping other women start their business, or help expand . This year I added business consulting to my services because I wanted to share my knowledge with others on how to operate an efficient business. 

Q: Why do you do what you do? 

– Operating Pretty Perfect Minks LLC is what makes me happy.  I’ve grown so much as an entrepreneur and I am truly amazed at my growth. 

Q: What is your current career job or profession?

– Currently I am a full-time college student aspiring to get my Bachelors Degree from Georgia State , Majoring in Managerial Science and minor in Marketing. After graduating I plan on opening more businesses and expanding my current one . 

Q: What is one of your main goals?

– One of my main goals for Pretty Perfect Minks is to add a hairline to the cosmetics I already sell. I also want to host more events, and purchase a space to rent out to other entrepreneurs and host my events .Q:

What is one of your biggest accomplishment?

– One of my biggest accomplishments for this year is Securing my Business License : Pretty Perfect Minks LLC. That was a huge accomplishment and a big step for me as a business owner . This year I also sold out of my first event The girl boss mixer , which was an awesome event for current and future business owners to learn from my experiences.


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       Writer: Diahni Sample 


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