The need.

We are so afraid of being alone. Being lonely is a fear our souls seem to be plagued with. Just today I realized how the sole reason we crave for a person is because we are too afraid to be on our own. Individuality seems to be far-fetched and that is a sad story in itself. We forget that being lonely is an art in itself, that being lonely doesn’t necessarily have to be a gloomy experience.

A person is complete in himself/herself. For a human being to understand this is rather difficult because we long for  love and connection to extremes. But with time, one can only notice what it means to be happy within, to be whole within.

A soul can never be incomplete without another soul. That is not what love teaches us. The beauty of love is to want and not need. To want is to cherish and understand. To need is to demand and exploit. Why run after something else that makes you feel you are hollow within? Why take love as a necessity rather than a beautiful gift?

Hence, what lesson is to be learnt is to be content within and then seek for love outside. This world is not necessarily a lonely place is happiness thrives within the soul. But to be able to find the happiness is a task in itself.

But what fun is life if not the thrill of discovering and learning with time?

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