Buffet Benefits


When most people hear the word buffet they normally run for the hills. They see their waistlines expanding. Or they see all of their efforts to keep the weight off just piling back up. Then, on the other hand, we have those who pull up their chair right to the buffet station and are excited about the endless possibilities of a buffet. Now what I like to call the benefits of the buffet.

  1. it’s normally low cost
  2. you get a wide variety of food

So if you have a large family or a large group of friends that you’re going out to eat with

  1. you don’t have to worry about picking One restaurant and someone not being happy because there’s something for everybody. That’s what I like about Golden Corral. They have a wide variety of everything from Bourbon Street chicken to Tacos to Pizza and for those watching their waistline don’t worry they have a large salad bar. I mean the list goes on and on. Their dessert bar is pretty awesome too. Depending on what specials they’re running or what season it is you can even find cotton candy at the dessert bar. I recently went to Golden Corral was able to enjoy the endless ribs and wings. That is the special that they were currently running and when I say the ribs fell off the bone oh man. I also got my Bourbon Street chicken, that’s one of my favorites and I also got the fried mini shrimp. I’m also obsessed with their scalloped cheesy potatoes. With everything that they offer, I was able to go to Golden Corral with my kids and my family and a few friends and everyone were satisfied. They even make steaks and burgers if you ask them right there. They also had honey chicken. I was not a fan and I love sweet food but the honey chicken was a bit overpowering. It was too sweet, but I suggest that when you are looking to feed a lot of people, you want to go out and you don’t want to hear any complaints from anybody find a buffet. I would suggest Golden Corral. They have great fried fish and great baked fish with lemon sauce. I mean the options are endless. So if you have a Golden Corral in your city and state or you just have a buffet that’s your favorite in your state stop in and enjoy yourself and until next time happy eating.

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