Your latest entrepreneur, writer, coach, and driven optimist dedicated to helping you achieve what you desire your life to be. Confident, Hardworking, Intelligent, and Courageous! “CHIC”. These are just a few words to describe the young inspiring mogul Nisha Jádore. With a deep desire to add a dash of sparkle to the word, inspire, uplift, and encourage women from all parts getting them to live an intentional life fueled by passion and purpose is her mission.

It’s so easy to look at that outside of us and spread a word of encouragement, but Nisha Jádore has the God-given gift to capture the mind, body, and spirits of those who she comes in contact with inspiring them to envision the next level of themselves. She believes everyone has a story to tell and is a star in their unique way which is why she’s created this platform where everyone gets to allow their inner shine to spark and unfold. In this world, you will face adversity and in that very moment, you have to determine whether or not you will tackle it or allow it to tackle you. She’s been there before not knowing what to do, that lost girl who decided one day that her today would no longer be like her yesterday.

Looking adversity in the face, she conquered her storms, persevered, and decided to create herself in which she stands tall today. Remember you too embody that spark, you just have to dig deep enough. Nisha Jádore is remarkably known for being an open book allowing those who come in contact with her flip the pages and see both her victories and storms in her life modeling the blueprint of how-to walk-in alignment with your purpose! Nisha Jádore is an undergraduate obtaining her associate degree in Mass Communication & Journalism. She is also the creator and founder of IAmCHIC Inspires, LLC women empowerment brand focused on coaching millennials that are desiring to seek, discover, and walk-in their divine purpose.

" I love asking Nisha for advice! I ran into a issue with one of my customers orders and I instantly contact Nisha. She helped me come up with a great response. Nisha always help me vision my business ideas. She’s the only person besides my mom and my life coach who knows my business plan inside And out! Thankful for you sis. "
Ashliegh P