Zykia Mccoy

Zykia McCoy is a Caterer and creative writer. Zykia has been writing since the age of seven and since then has done nothing but began to grow as time went on. Zykia is a very dedicated writer with poetry and short stories in every genre. Open minded and drawn from personal experiences, is how Zykia would describe her style. She has written lyrics for up and coming artist and entered in several poetry competitions. Her goal is to become recognized for her work through novels, poetry and film work. Zykia has two little girls who she loves and wants to succeed for them. Zykia has recently embarked on several entrepreneurial endeavors. As of January 2014 Zykia launched her own catering company called Z.R.Z Catering; with the slogan “from my kitchen to your table”. This is a very personal company catering to small and intimate events. This website can be found on Facebook with the search Z.R.Z Catering and at zykiamccoy.com. Which is growing everyday with events like birthday parties,bachelorette parties, luncheons etc. With the love of writing and reading Zykia is working on three novels and two screenplays. Being a New York native Zykia has tried to stay connected to her hometown roots and often writes about the streets she remember from New York and the people she created while living there. Zykia is a single mother, which inspired her to create a social group called “The Single moms club” also inspired by the Tyler Perry movie. This group can be found on Facebook as well. A group of single moms go on outings and enjoy each other’s company. Zykias four major passions are her kids, writing, cooking and reading. With everything on her plate Zykia has decided to take her talents to another level and combined them under one business header Zykia McCoy.