Group Coaching

“I know my story can change lives, and make me prosperous.”

Well, sis what you waiting on? Do you not know where to start? Have you tried to share your story ,but people view you as a “victim” instead of the queen God called you to be? Do you think your story isn’t important enough?

Enroll In Crowned Through Purpose!

Who is this for?​

Crowned Through Purpose Group Coaching is designed for women who have experienced trauma, overcome struggles in their life, and have a huge desire to impact the world with their story through building a brand. The 6-week intensive group coaching focuses on learning how to renew your mindset, rewrite your narrative, and learn how to craft your story into a brand that not only sells, but empowers you.

I advise all group coaching students to start executing what is instructed during the coaching to get the best results out of your investment and hands-on help while painting your brand story. Which is why this group coaching includes a 1:1 session bi-weekly so that we’re able to work together to zoom in on your strengths, weaknesses and make enhancements.

Why should I enroll?

You need to share your story with the world. You want to impact lives and inspire change. But how do you make that happen? You’ve spent so much time telling your story to those who don’t understand only to be left viewed as the “victim”; having little to no impact. I know the feeling of pouring your heart and soul to people about what obstacles you’ve faced along the journey of life in hopes to inspire others and think “Wow I really do have a TESTIMONY. Who wouldn’t want to hear this!” and then share your story with the world, only to hear crickets, IF NOT SILENCE!


When you take just as much time to renew your mindset, rewrite your narrative of how you see yourself, and dedicate effort toward crafting your story into a brand as much spend preaching to crickets. The result is more engagement, impact, and too many changed lives to even imagine!

But then again, brand story development isn’t just something you randomly Google and BOOM! all of a sudden you understand how to apply the strategies to launch your brand. It’s also not something that gets taught often. Which is why I have designed this 6-week group coaching to not only give you the details on how you can apply brand story development strategies to build your brand, but also adding in a 1:1 bonus to give you targeted help that’s designed to fit your unique situation.

When does it start?

Group coaching starts February 3rd, 2020!

Where do I get my course materials?

All weekly course materials for group coaching are sent via email every Sunday at 12PM EST. and are accessible for the entire duration of the group coaching period and beyond. Bi-weekly individual 30 minute coaching sessions are scheduled to take place on Saturdays at the best time according to your schedule.

Each week you will gain access to a NEW;

  • Masterclass
  • Downloadable PDF Class Script
  • Homework Assignment
  • 1:1 Strategy Coaching Session
  • Feedback

Week 1: Mindset Renewal

Week 2: Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

Week 3: How to Pray & Craft Your Own Unique Affirmations

Week 4: What Narrative Are You Portraying To The World

Week 5 : Learning To Rewrite Your Narrative

Week 6: Brand Story Development & What Is A Brand?


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